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Your Own Robo-Advisor

Design your own investment strategy based on a wide-range of fundamental and technical data

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No Code Environment

Create complex backtests for your investment strategies, all without writing a single line of code

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Modular Strategies

If you like one strategy, incorporate it into another strategy with just a few clicks of the mouse

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Financial Data

Tasseo tracks, calculates, and provides access to numerous financial metrics for backtests

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Financial Analysis

Tasseo allows straightforward research and evaluation of investment strategies across multiple portfolios

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Actionable Trades

Based on your specific strategies, Tasseo will track securities and notify you when and what you should trade

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Answer the question: how should I invest?

One of the largest hurdles new investors face is the enormous amount of data and endless numbers of stocks and bonds to choose from. Tasseo greatly simplifies your data analysis. We sort through mountains of data for you and filter out securities according to your exact specifications.

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Invest with confidence

How do investors know that their strategies work? Input your strategy into Tasseo’s no-code environment, and Tasseo tests your strategy against historical financial data based on parameters of your choosing.

Better than financial advice

Tasseo does not provide investment advice. Instead, Tasseo tracks and compiles financial data and statistics, calculates useful technical financial metrics from this data, and provides mechanisms for you to test investment strategies of your own choosing against these metrics.

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